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Mogul Capital

Executing opportunistic development and acquisition opportunities to provide compelling returns on investment since 2005

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MRI interior.png

Since its founding in 2005, Mogul Capital has focused on seizing opportunistic development and investment opportunities, particularly in the hospitality sector, to provide compelling returns on investment. Fast forward to today, Mogul operates a diverse portfolio of assets and is executing a significant development pipeline.  

With over $550 million invested in various real estate projects and a robust $540 million development pipeline, Mogul Capital demonstrates a resolute commitment to growth and innovation. Mogul owns and operates a portfolio that includes hospitality, multifamily, office, and retail assets.

Mogul Capital holds distinction as a Marriott and Hilton approved franchisee, attesting to its industry credibility. Notably, the company has achieved a significant milestone by creating the largest fully volumetric built Marriott property, showcasing its determination to push design and construction boundaries.

Recognized for its forward-looking approach, Mogul Capital earned the Construction Excellence Award for its pioneering use of innovative construction technology. Leveraging modular building techniques, the company strategically enters challenging markets, leading to cost-effective construction and shortened build times.

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